Radoslav Maglov, an artist researcher and theorist of Bulgarian origin, presently resides and operates in Sofia and Frankfurt am Main. His distinctive academic and artistic pursuits manifest an unwavering commitment to an interdisciplinary and experimental approach.

With profound theoretical acumen, Maglov continually refines his artistic research, ultimately envisioning it as a conduit to artistic knowledge. Central to his scholarly inquiries is the persistent examination of art’s capacity to autonomously generate knowledge. This profound question pervades his theoretical work and artistic practice, gaining significance with each exploration. According to Maglov, art distinguishes itself from conventional knowledge constructs, forgoing the need for validation through logical and rational paradigms. The inherent ability of art to engender its unique body of knowledge, often denoted as “artistic knowledge,” forms the core of his creative pursuits. Consequently, Maglov’s work seeks to elucidate the social determinants that authenticate this unique form of knowledge, representing a deeply personal mission.

A lasting and profoundly significant motif in his artistic endeavours centres on the concept of corporeality, particularly as these interpretations emerge in his work as both consequences and catalysts of political and social phenomena. Maglov’s creative discourse encourages audiences to contemplate the transformative potential inherent in the human body, positioning it as a cognitive resource ripe for harnessing within the domain of transgressive artistic expression. He asserts that artistic knowledge assumes a pivotal role in addressing contemporary issues and catalysing transformative societal change.

Maglov’s interdisciplinary body of work delves into the nuanced interplay between objects and subjects, exploring the subtle attribution of moral values to subjective sensations. Throughout his artistic pursuits, the corporeal experience emerges as both a conduit and a culmination, intricately interwoven into each aesthetic encounter. Maglov endeavours to challenge established conventions regarding the human body, scrutinising its relationship with ethical constructs and societal biases.

To convey his thought-provoking message, Maglov employs a rich array of media, spanning the domains of video, installations, sculptures, and paintings. Notably, his recent scholarly achievements culminated in the conferment of a PhD degree by the National Academy of Arts in Sofia in 2023 on the theme of “Liminality In The Interpretations Of The Corporeality In Contemporary Art”, a testament to the significance of his artistic and theoretical endeavours.